Client Comments – Tom Wilson’s Value

“Tom Wilson’s approach to philanthropic fundraising always puts the donor first. I appreciate his ability to match donor interests with institutional desires and dreams. Every time Tom Wilson has helped us with a special project or campaign both the institution and foundation staff have emerged in a stronger position to face the challenges of future fundraising.

The value that Tom Wilson brings to our fund raising team is that of a seasoned coach. He helps each of the staff develop skills and achieve their potential as professional fundraisers. Tom’s coaching and leadership are very much appreciated. I have feel like I’ve gone through a masters degree in philanthropy as we have worked together over the past several years!”

John Korb – Executive Director, Adventist Medical Center Foundation (Portland, Oregon)


“Living in a rural community, our board hired Tom with concerns about ROI. Why couldn’t development staff ask questions, organize presentations, and interview people? The answer was unexpected and presented the greatest value that Tom represents, besides his knowledge of fund development, that of a thoughtful, reflective listener to what our rural resident had to say about the hospital and those they had interactions with within the organization.

The economic engine in small communities is very interdependent and expressing concerns or problems to hospital personnel would or could have damaged integral business relationships or opened themselves to criticisms as well. Tom provided, through his market research process, a place to vent, and gave us important feedback that we weren’t getting allowing us to change processes and improve performance and service to our customers.

I believe trusted advisor & coach is a better representation of his role. He is a consultant but is viewed by community members, leaders of the community, and hospital staff as being a trusted advisor and by development staff as being a coach.”

Barry Fowler – Communications & Foundation Manager, Clark Fork Valley Hospital (Plains, Montana)


“While I began to know and appreciate your talents as a group facilitator with Multnomah County Library a decade ago, the more recent involvement with the Oregon Historical Society stands out the most. As you know, OHS was a mess in so many ways: financing, internal, and its public face. By necessity, we were able to make changes in all those areas. However, with new Board leadership in place and our future plan in hand, we needed a catalyst to pull newly recruited Board Members into the fold, while energizing the veterans. When we emerged from the Board Retreat that you organized and moderated, the Board saw themselves as a cohesive, committed entity – with the roadmap to move forward again. Your excellent work engineered that process.”

Bill Failing – Board Vice-President, Oregon Historical Society (Portland)


“You brought perspective, confidence, and experience to a developing board of directors. You are very effective at being clear about the fundraising process – spelling out priorities and barriers to moving forward. You effectively humanize board member roles in the work, leading to a road map for the organization the shows the people involved how they can contribute from their respective chairs to increase the fundraising capacity of the organization.”

Andrew Mason – Executive Director, Open Meadow (Portland, Oregon)


“Two things come to mind that I have valued most about your visits. Our board members develop a comfort in asking for gifts because they see a way that it can happen logically. It isn’t a mystery nor is it approaching someone with a “tin cup in hand.” The second is the focus on what is important in crafting a campaign message – creating a higher level of awareness of the potential that is there for the organization.”

Donna Hammack – Chief Development Officer, Saint Elizabeth Foundation (Lincoln, Nebraska)


During Tom Wilson’s engagement with the Oregon Symphony, I, as the board chair felt he brought an experienced, independent, believable perspective of the

  1. High success of our current staff
  2. Need to add capacity and senior leadership to our development staff, and
  3. Conviction that we ultimately can raise patron support to match our financial needs

Walter Weyler – Board Chair, Oregon Symphony (Portland)


The value you brought to our organization included:

  • Years of experience and wide range of knowledge
  • The ability to present well and engage with our donor base and clientele
  • Strong emphasis on metrics – assisted with keeping accountability at the forefront
  • A 7-year campaign is long. You helped to keep it fresh and moving
  • Thorough analysis at the mid-point of phase one of campaign and effective recommendations for phase two

Jennifer Stolo – Campaign Director, CDA Foundation (Sacramento, California)


“With just a couple of emails, you put the one thing into this whole process that is constantly lacking – optimism. You have a wealth of knowledge (scar tissue?) but knowledge and information can only get a person so far. What you have is the ability to coach and motivate. At times maybe it’s more of coddling and reprimanding but you know what I’m getting at. Needless to say, I have so appreciated working with you.”

Jon Larkin – Campaign Director, Eastern Oregon University (La Grande)


“Tom Wilson and Campbell & Company provided beneficial assistance to the Yellowstone Art Museum in its effort to launch a capital and endowment campaign, on both the macro and micro levels. Mr. Wilson brought the necessary expertise to bear in conducting a feasibility survey, advised us on identifying and soliciting prospects, and structured our campaign in a manner that made success possible. He successfully trained staff and trustees who were novices in the area of major gifts fundraising, and instilled the confidence in ourselves that we needed to conduct the majority of the campaign on our own. We picked up tips from him on a full spectrum of topics, from donor psychology to the minutia of campaign budgeting. The acid test of his effectiveness is that we were able to reach our goals using the plan and tools he provided even in the face of the unanticipated and severe economic downturn of 2008-2010.”

Robyn Peterson – Executive Director, Yellowstone Art Museum (Billings, Montana)